Sweet Chilli Salmon with Sesame Seeds

An incredible looking Sweet Chilli Salmon Recipe is the Meal Of The Day for 04/04/17 and comes from Emma Oxley!

“I don’t tend cook a lot of Asian Recipes – I prefer Mediterranean foods, and the balance of flavours and spices in Asian cooking tends to be a little out of my comfort zone – (I’m working on it).  My Asian Sticky Chicken Thighs were a big hit in our house!  However, I do love sweet chilli sauce but it’s full of artificial flavours, colours and so much sugar! I decided to experiment and make my own version using honey.  Salmon was on the cards for tonight so Sweet Chilli Salmon it was!  I set about creating a Sweet Chilli Marinade for the fish which I would later pan fry!”

Recipe: Sweet Chilli Salmon with Sesame Seeds

Meal Of The Day

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