Crispy “Faux Alligator” Fish Bites

The Meal of The Day for 12/04/17 is some beautifully simple crispy cod fillets and comes courtesy of A Bite Of Inspiration.

“Sometimes, true inspiration can be found off the beaten path and in the places we least expect. When I traveled to Gainesville, Florida a few months ago, I didn’t necessarily have high hopes for an inspiring trip. To my pleasant surprise, the La Chua Trail in Gainesville offered me some of the best travel inspiration I’ve had in a while. Hidden gems are everywhere, you guys! We just have to be open to finding them. And when we are, delicious recipes like Crispy “Faux Alligator” Fish Bites are born!”

Recipe: Crispy “Faux Alligator” Fish Bites

Meal Of The Day

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