Korean Chicken Wings

The 11/05/17 Meal Of The Day is some amazing looking Korean Chicken Wings! Courtesy of ACookbookCollection!

“This post for Korean Chicken Wings was originally meant to be for Korean Fried Chicken but I decided to stick with roasting them. I cannot stress how delicious these are and how I wish I believed the hype sooner. The sauce is so tasty that when we finished eating the first batch I was scanning the kitchen looking for something else to use to mop it up. I even considered using sausage rolls. Yep, chicken wings and sausage rolls. It’s pure classy in my house!

I bought Our Korean Kitchen by Jordan Bourke and Rejina Pyo a few months ago – it’s great if you’re looking to add to your collection – and I wanted to make practically everything in it. Their Korean Chicken Wings jumped out at me as I remembered that Gizzi Erskine frequently mentions her version from Gizzi’s Healthy Appetite as her favourite food. Both deep fry their wings and I was planning to do the same.”

Recipe: Korean Chicken Wings

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