Home Style Vegetarian Chili

Today’s Meal Of The Day is a lovely homemade Chili recipe from SpicySoupParadise!

“I am a huge proponent of a meat-conscious lifestyle. So at home, I usually cook pescatarian or vegetarian. The problem is making chili vegetarian – especially for people who are used to eating meat chili – is two fold. (1) It’s gotta be flavorful. Meaty chili gets a whole bunch of flavor from the stewed beef. (2) It’s gotta be “meaty” – not necessarily with the taste or texture of meat – but the “bite” of it. You want to eat chili not minestrone.

I’ve been perfecting my Veggie Chili for years and I think I’ve just now gotten it right. We make veggie chili about once a month – if not more in the colder seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring.) In fact, we keep most of the ingredients in our pantry just in case we want to make it on the whim.”

Recipe: Home Style Vegetarian Chili

Meal Of The Day

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