Co-op ‘Luxury’ All Butter Mince Pies – REVIEWS

Co-Op 'Luxury' All Butter Mince Pies

“Meal of the Day is at the pinnacle of Mince Pie Review Knowledge, with it’s dedicated team working tirelessly to make sure you know about the top mince pies this season.” – The Mince Pie Conglomerate of Lappland 2017.

“Initial Aroma: Heavily Buttery. First Bite first thoughts: A fairly good first bite in my opinion. Strong almost shortbread like pastry with aromatic innards, I’m getting just the right amount of Brandy, not too overpowering. Leaves the mouth wanting more. As the pie goes on I feel myself getting flashbacks to previous years reviews with a chill in the air and the muffled sound of children playing in the snow. Overall for me this is a great mince pie, whilst the taste is the manufactured Christmas taste we’ve become accustomed to. There’s a little something extra in there. Is it the Brandy? Is it the faint hint of cinnamon? Or maybe, just maybe it’s the faint glimmer of glee one factory worker has molded in to the fabric of the recipe. Something which may not be seen again this year.”D.B – 16/10/2017 – 8/10

“Better than last years effort – filling pretty standard but decent and more of it (apparently contains walnuts (Don Harland will be livid if he has nuts in his mouth) but mine didn’t seem to have any). Personally thought the pastry was a few millimeters too thick and the last third crumbled away. Also taken of points for liberal amount of sugar poured on, the inside of the box resembled an explosion in a Colombian marching powder factory. A solid start to this years mince pie season.”D.W – 16/10/2017 – 6.5/10

“I am ecstatic to find that co-op took on board my criticism from last year and have righted some of the wrongs from last year. Pie this year was well filled, buttery-er, and moist. That said, it was an overly messy affair that left the kitchen looking like downtown Baghdad despite my best efforts to eat it in the sink.”R.P – 16/10/2017 – 7/10

“A rather tasty mince pie with a good amount of filling and not too much mince ‘juice’. Unfortunately this mince pie has fallen foul to the soggy bottom which is a stark contrast the relatively solid top half, if this mince pie were a prostitute it wouldn’t have much of a hard time getting clients, but once they experience the sloppy downstairs they may not want to return (unless they’re into that). The mess is also an issue, I had enough white powder on me that I felt like Tony Montana. Overall a relatively middling effort from a ‘Luxury’ offering but tasty all the same.”A.W – 16/10/2017 – 7/10

“I’ve never had a minced pie before so this review is a bit skewed as I’m not really sure what they should taste like. Mainly tried this because I was hungry, the filling was decent although it had what I think were raisins in it which im not a massive fan of. The pastry crumbled apart in my hands and left my keyboard covered in sugar which will probably be stuck there till the end of time but if we ever run out of sugar again I can give my keyboard a shake into my morning coffee. Overall pretty good and I’ve reviewed probably 10,000 restaurants by now so I’m basically the #1 food critic in the south of England “ J.M – 16/10/2017 – 7/10

“My first time having one of Coop’s “Luxury” mince pies. Compared to their normal mince pie this was much more flavorful but it does have its faults. The pastry was very crumbly which made every bite have the risk of making the rest fall apart, in addition there was way too much sugar on the top which added to the difficulty eating. The filling was decent but with the pastry it’s hard to justify giving it a higher mark. If they can improve on their apparent year on year growth then this could be a fantastic mince pie next year.” – A.F – 16/10/2017 – 7/10

“Looks the part, with sweet soft pastry and a Generous filling of mince.The pastry base does not hold up so well after a bite (the bottom collapses) making it messy finish…..meh” – A.P – 16/10/2017 – 5/10


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